About us

Company Profile

Leopard Group is a leading manufacturer of vitrified floor tiles, renowned for its advanced production techniques and the quality and versatility of its designs.

Company Profile

Leopard vitrified has converted its name into a successfully recognized global brand. This journey was not an easy one but with our dedication and your support we proudly stand where we are today. Our tiles are firmly embedded in some of the lavish and marvelous buildings which signify that our product is an epitome of strength and beauty. Our aim is very simple. We are motivated by being innovative, expressive, giving detailed finesse and consistent strength to our tiles. It simply does not matter where they will be laid on, but wherever they are; they should reflect elegance.

We are destined to have hard working team members who are creative and they can turn imagination into reality. When ideas that are framed in mind, they actually are put up in front of you then it’s a different kind of a happiness. Leopard vitrified is a large group today. Our definite and concrete relationship goal is what we look for with all the customers. We put forth our ideas, make them real and impart uncompromised quality.

About us

Our philosophy

The reflections of light that shimmer on the surface of the our design collection are reminiscent of an industrial look reinterpreted in vitrified , while single colour tiles create original surfaces and textures with sober tones that work together in chromatic unity.

We are a globally recognized venture. We would continue to have sustainable growth and continue to be recognized for our designs and quality.

We aim to improve standards of living space for each home. We design living space that is adorable and stand still with time.

The company is driving its exports growth constantly and expanding its reach to different territories across the continents. Leopard is looking forward to enter into new geographical areas to increase its exports.


Important Milestones


Starting of Livon vitrified

After avid experience in vitrified Tile business all the investing partners gathers from the all the corner of Morbi (The vitrified Hub of India) to start new joint venture


Pioneered in Digital Printing

We are proud to announce that we are one of the pioneered organization who bought Digital Printing Technology to India. To be precise we were 4th in India to bring Digital Technology.


Took over New Manufacturing Plant

We saw new business opportunity to expand our manufacturing capacity and we purchased entire plant for vitrified glazed wall tiles.


Construction of Leopard's Plant

We starter construction of plant shed and installing machinery


Beginning of GVT & PGVT

We also started production of GVT and PGVT Vitrified Tiles in Leopard’s Plant


Acquired CE Quality Standard

Perseverance in quality in each step, not only lead to CE but our quality standards outgrew all the Indian quality standards


Started Exporting

With this our organization stepped into new frontier


Birth of Leopard Vitrified Pvt Ltd Again vision

Again visionary Partners have ceased opportunity in vitrified Tiles market by adding new company to our organization


Lit up Kiln

Completed construction and installation of machinery and lit up kiln.

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