Apply the Best Methods to Clean Your Tiles

14 06 2020
Posted by Leopard Vitrified

Tiles are considered to be the best way to decorate the floor in our house. The tiles can be used on the walls of the kitchen and bathroom of the house. But in using these tiles the problems that arise is that the dust gets accumulated and clean our tiles the number one among them includes the use of vacuum cleaner to remove all type of dust and rubbish. does not get cleans easily. There are a number of ways with the help of which we can then the next step is to mob the tiles with hot water and the tiles will get clean. This method of cleaning is effective for the glazed tiles which are repellent of dust but the cleaning of unglazed tiles is not that easy as they attract the dust particles to get accumulated in them.

Clean unglazed tiles

In order to clean the unglazed tiles, we should add any detergent to the hot water and then a sponge should be dipped in this solution. Then clean the tiles by punching the sponge on the floor tiles this sponge will remove all the stains Addition of vinegar or dish soap to remove the grease from your tiles. Sealants are helpful in removing the stains and dirt from the tiles. Bleach and ammonia can be used for cleaning the tiles but in that case, excessive use would damage the tiles. The same is the case with the use of oil-based chemicals and detergents etc.

Oxygen Detergent for tile floor cleaning

Another way to clean the tile is the application of oxygen detergent on it instead of chlorine detergent because unlike chlorine detergent the oxygen detergent is atmosphere friendly and it gets decomposed in products as water and oxygen both of which are not only not harmful to the environment instead are useful to it.

Non-Abrasive brush for cleaning

In case you want to clean mosaic tiles then the procedure up till cleaning of tile with a mop and hot water is the same but after mopping the tiles the next step to perform is the use of the non-abrasive brush to remove the stains. This brush will easily reach the corners of the tiles and would remove the dust from the corner portions.

How to clean glass and marble stone tiles?

Cleaning of glass, marble and stone tiles all follows almost the same method. A hot solution of ammonia liquid applied with the help of sponge is also an effective way to clean the tiles. In order to remove the stains of grease from the floor, we should add about a quarter cup of detergent to about a cup of water and then the application of this mixture would eventually remove all the grease spots on the floor. In certain cases, the spots of ice- cream, or other eatables are formed on the floor and they can be removed either by moping them with water or by the use of certain chemicals. Now experiment for all these tips in your house and these really work. Therefore, you should at least try.

How to Clean and Preserve your Tile Grout?

One of the most annoying things, which you can have in your bathroom is dust and stains over the tile grout. I really hate these stains, and they're living a lot of microbes and bacteria which may be dangerous for your health. That's the way is so important to take care of them. To protect your family and our self. It may seem to us that removing them will be very hard and will cost us a lot of money. But that isn’t the truth, it may be done very easy and cost-efficient. We can clean all of those annoying stains overnight, without brushing the whole bathroom for hours.

How to Prepare your floor for Cleaning?

First, you have to vacuum your floor with a vacuum cleaner. After that clean it with detergent and clean water using mop or rag. This is how you start preparing the floor for the procedures which will follow. After everything nice and shining you my start working over the grout. It is much better to try some green recipes to try to clean them.

How to Clean Your Grout?

Most of the supermarket products are with heavy chemical ingredients or do not do the work as expected. So, I prefer to use some basic products for cleaning which could be found in every kitchen. I personally prefer to use baking soda to remove any dirt or stains from my grout. So, after you clean it well make pasta from baking soda and clean water. And then start to rub your grout with this pasta and be sure that you put plenty of it in the dirtiest areas. After that, you have to leave it like that for a night. On the next morning, you can brush it little in the most stained areas. Then wash it with clean water and voila.

How to Prevent from Appearing Stains in your Grout?

The stains will be gone, and you will have a nice and clean bathroom without any microbes in your grout. Then you can put over them some kind of silicone-based sealant in order to prevent further pollution. This I one of the best solutions for your bathroom, but you have to repeat it regularly in order to prevent microbial growth in your bathroom tile grout. Make sure that you don't use the bathroom a couple of hours after making that procedure because the sealant must dry properly.